Startups, new games, or even some major influencers who want to create a token for their community (social tokens) will have the opportunity to launch a token on our platform, and get everything they need for a good start, and users of the platform will be given the opportunity to invest in selective and quality projects.

The problem is that in this new economy, there are a lot of fake “money grab” projects and many inexperienced, but sometimes even more experienced users are often deceived.

In order for a project to be on the Launchpad, it will have to pass several checks, as well as the community vote itself.

Again, this is not the only guarantee that the project will be successful, because there is a risk in every type of investment, and our task is to minimize that risk. We will also direct part of the income to our incubator program, where we will invest in some quality projects/startups, and even individuals, because it is a good way to scale the network and has mutual benefits in the long term.

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