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What does SocialFi mean?

The term “social finance” often known as “SocialFi” refers to the fusion of social media with blockchain technology. Users of the SocialFi platform can make money by creating content, taking part in DAO governance, minting NFT, interacting with other users, enjoying entertainment, and playing games.

Metus Vision?

We want to show the world all the positive aspects of this new industry. Enable people to develop themselves and their own business. In a digital world that offers limitless possibilities, there is room for everyone. There are many giant companies that have not yet implemented this technology on their platforms. It’s only a matter of time before they do. We want to contribute to this new industry, and force large companies to implement blockchain technology in their regular business.

Why Metus?

Every day, over half the world’s population, spends an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes on social media; however, the attention, interactions, engagement, and generated data are monetized by a few centralized entities and their shareholders.

The current social media landscape is referred to as Web2 – a platform where users are the product, content is king, and centralization is the norm.

Some people have called your App "Facebook with a wallet". What are your advantages and disadvantages compared to Facebook?

The advantages we want to highlight are:

-We will pay special attention to the quality of the content (quality over quantity) -Elimination of false advertising that is poorly regulated by Facebook -Freedom of speech -Each user is automatically monetized and starts earning immediately after registration -Wallet intergration -The user always comes first, not the money -Elimination of toxicity Disadvantages that are not difficult to find lol:) -Infrastructure -Monopoly -Capital -Number of employees -Experience -Experts

What is Metus Governance?

As an community-run project, all important decisions about the project will be made by the community.

-Selecting projects on Launchpad -Metus Treasury and how it will work -Strategy and marketing

What is your advantage over other SocialFi projects?

Acts, not empty promises We have a functional product, ie. more of them. We have a clear vision and realistic goals. All in all, we have all the predispositions to become a successful project, and to positively contribute to the overall crypto market. We have long-term goals, and Rome was not built overnight.

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