Metus is a community-run SocialFi Network, where each participant can easily monetize their data, and get rewarded for activity. Monetizing your data has never been easier, because after simple registration, every user is automatically monetized, and can start their digital journey.

The Problem

Nowadays, the social networks has become a part of our everyday life, not only as a tools for communication and making new friends, but also for running a business. By opening a profile on any social network, you have agreed to share your private information with the world. Most users give their data to the platform for free, and thus to advertisers. Advertisers pay platforms to reach you, “bombard” you with daily ads, and most of that “cake” belongs to the platform. With the growth of social networks to monetize their data has become increasingly difficult, and more and more users become just "silent" observers and food to their platforms. Here we come to the part where we want to explain why Metus, as well as what is the purpose and application of this project?

The Solution

Metus wants to solve this problem and give everyone a fair start and a wind in their backs, because every start is difficult and not everyone has the same conditions to start digital business. Metus will give you the opportunity to finance your personal “digital” growth without investing a large sum of money, moreover, many will be able to finance themselves completely free of charge.

Metus especially targets those who are at the very beginning, because we want to grow together, build and become a platform full of creative individuals, small communities that will create a future with their innovations, new forms of business and make the world a better place. Later, to stand out online, it all depends on you; your quality of content, creativity and talents that others will recognize and reward. This is the meaning and goal of this project, that everyone has the right and chance to realize their "ideas" altough this journey has many steps, we want to give each individual at least one step on that path, not a stumbling block.

For all those already experienced individuals, businesses and companies who want to skip a few steps, and get the desired results immediately, we will have customized features, where you can rent your advertising space, present your company, application, games etc. Games, VR, NFT,Metaverse (MetaFi) is still a relatively new economy, insufficiently researched and with a ∞ potential. Metus wants to connect everything, present quality projects and help many projects in their development by implementing their product on our platform.

Metus Products

Metus App

Metus App is our main product that connects all the features and products of this project. Metus is currently the most complete social network in the web3 space, because in addition to being user friendly, it is a combination of all the main social networks and their features with the addition of web3.

As we have already stated, Metus is our main App that connects all our other products.

If you have previously registered in one of our other applications, for example (Sound, Tube or Fans) and you are not in our main app, registration will be very simple for you, because in one click you will be able to log in with existing data (login from Metus Sound/Tube/Fans


Metus Sound

For all music lovers, musicians, producers, DJs, Metus Sound is the right place for you. Metus Sound is a modernized and upgraded version of Spotify, where users will be able to listen to music, upload music, have a wallet, create events, promote their own concerts and performances, sell tickets, etc.

Metus Sound will bring musicians and their listeners closer together.

Listeners will collect points for activities (listening, liking, following, commenting...), which they can later exchange for premium albums, personalized prizes, concert tickets, etc.

Metus Sound Metus Sound

Metus Tube

For all those who prefer video content, live streaming to their followers, Metus Tube is the right solution. Content creators will have greater freedom, features as on any platform with video content (read YouTube).

The advantage of using our application is that each user will have a wallet, easier management, more transparent analytics and monetization.

Metus Tube covers the biggest shortcoming of a platform like Youtube, where streamers are taken over 50% of every donation. Metus Tube allows streamers to get max, so our commission will be below 10%.

In addition, if you stream on another platform, you will be able to stream in parallel on our platform in just two clicks.

Metus Tube Metus Tube Metus Sound

Metus Fans

Metus Fans is a modernized version of the Only Fans platform, where users will be able to share premium content with their followers. Although everyone immediately thinks of the 18+ content, we want to emphasize that the content can be diverse.

For example, if you are a good trader and chartist, you can share your premium signals and charts with your subscribers.

The possibilities are unlimited. Users will have a wallet, in addition to card payment, payment will also be in cryptocurrencies (most top coins).

Metus Fans Metus Fans

Metus Pad

Startups, new games, or even some major influencers who want to create a token for their community (social tokens) will have the opportunity to launch a token on our platform, and get everything they need for a good start, and users of the platform will be given the opportunity to invest in selective and quality projects. The problem is that in this new economy, there are a lot of fake “money grab” projects and many inexperienced, but sometimes even more experienced users are often deceived.

In order for a project to be on the Launchpad, it will have to pass several checks, as well as the community vote itself. Again, this is not the only guarantee that the project will be successful, because there is a risk in every type of investment, and our task is to minimize that risk. We will also direct part of the income to our incubator program, where we will invest in some quality projects/startups, and even individuals, because it is a good way to scale the network and has mutual benefits in the long term.

Metus Swap

Trade tokens in a completely decentralized way. Metus Swap is currently live, but we are currently using a PancakeSwap router address. Next year, we will have our own router address and liquidity pools.

Metus Swap

Metus Treasury

Metus Treasury

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace is a feature we will work on, because market economy requires new solutions and in addition to classic products, digital items are taking up more and more space in the market and therefore we want to enable users to trade with their digital NFT items or some other form of product/service.

Users will be able to create collections, mint individual NFTs, batch mint, etc. Also, users will be able to put their NFT as an avatar on their profile.

NFT Marketplace

Cashback Program

In the App, users will be able to use various subscriptions, as well as adding FIAT to the wallet. (pay for ads, membership, marketplace etc.) We will have various Cashback programs, where users will receive a certain cashback in our tokens after making a deposit.

Example: John has his own digital agency and wants to advertise in our app. John deposit €100 to his wallet, thus receiving a certain percentage (Cashback) which will be paid to him in our tokens. If Cashback is say 10% at that point, then John will get an extra €10 in our tokens.

The Cashback program will be available to everyone, and the rules and all conditions will be published later on our website.

Staking Center

This is where web3 and blockchain technology comes into play, where you will be able to participate in various pools in a completely decentralized way, and this feature is very useful for “hodlers” and those who want to earn more tokens. Blockchain technology and decentralization play a major role in where you are your own bank and do transactions without any intermediary. The problem is that in this new economy, there are a lot of fake “money grab” projects and many inexperienced, but sometimes even more experienced users are often deceived.

Run by the smart contract/code, where a well-made smart contract allows the whole community to interact with it, without the human factor. Users will be able to use the staking function, earn even more tokens, and can withdraw their tokens at any time, because a smart contract allows it.

Metus App Features


As the feature itself says, active users will be able to earn tokens for their activity, in several ways. Example:



This feature is for all builders, and creative individuals who want to contribute to the development of our project. As a SocialFi Network, new features are always welcome, and the point of this project is to have a base, which you will form yourself, and constantly update with new features. There will be funds for that, in our Metus Treasury and we will definitely dedicate part of it to all builders and designers. From various tools, widgets, games, etc. You don't have to be an experienced programmer, you can also help with the design of custom stickers, Media-Kit, Banners and more.

Metus Metus


We will enable other projects to integrate their game on our platform, organize various tournaments, live streaming, events, and all revenue will go to the Metus users themselves through various airdrops, increasing the prize pool, and many other features that we will explain in more detail.



One of the features of the platform will be blogging, and we will dedicate a lot to that feature, because we have a special department for that, where we will reward the best bloggers and content every month. If you love to write, provide quality content and tutorials, then you are more than welcome. Metus community will reward quality content under special criteria and we are preparing a lot of surprises for all bloggers.

Metus Metus


Those who want to provide video content to their audience, will be able to stream exclusively on our platform, but also those who, for example, stream on YouTube will be able to stream on our platform in parallel. Users who do not prefer chat communication will be able to make audio/video calls, as this is also a feature that will be available on our platform.


Audio / Viideo Calls

Users of the application will be able to make voice and video calls. Conversations will be encrypted, and respect for the privacy of each user is our priority.



Advertising is an important feature of the platform, where individuals and companies will be able to advertise and create their own marketing campaigns. Users of the platform will be able to choose which ads they want to be shown, and have complete control over it. The main differences compared to other similar platforms are that users will not have to link the card, worry about the budget spent, moreover, many will not even have to pay for advertising because if you are active, you can use your wallet earnings to pay for ads.

Our well-developed algorithms will allow you to target your audience with better quality and get the desired result faster. Users of the platform will be able to choose which type of ads to display. They will also be able to turn off ads completely, although their activity earnings will then be reduced. The point is that both sides (buyers/sellers) get freedom and choose for themselves what they want to see, and whether they want to sell their data or not.



Creating jobs and searching for a quality workforce is an extremely important factor that we must not neglect, and this feature will also be available on our platform, where users/providers will be able to create/search for jobs.



The movie industry will also be available on our platform, so if you like movies, documentaries and more, you will be able to watch in our movies section. Sports live streaming...



As our slogan says: "connecting everything", so in the application itself you will have all the necessary tools, charts, indicators and everything that can help you if you are actively trading, but also if you are a beginner and still learning. All the necessary tools will be in the app, so you don't have to have 10 different pages open, everything will be in one place, and using all the tools/indicators will be completely free. In addition, we will have various competitions, where traders will be able to show their skill and win valuable prizes.



Funding will be a feature on the platform that all verified users will have, where you will be able to run some of your own funding campaigns, charities and more. This feature will be limited, and we will have special criteria for that, because we will pay special attention to this feature and any "fake" campaigns and scams will be severely sanctioned. Also, as a platform that will provide this service, a commission of (3%) will go to charity and this will be decided by the Metus community by voting, where it wants the funds to be transferred.



Create individual/business pages, design them as you want because this feature comes with a lot of creative tools.



Create an event, invite friends, this feature offers you many possibilities. For example ticket sales are just some of them.



Users will be able to create groups and invite their friends. The group can be secret or public. If it is a secret, the owner of the group will have his own secret link through which he can invite people to the group. The owner of the group can also provide video content/streaming to that group, etc.



Users will be able to easily tip each other instantly. A feature for everyone, but especially for streamers, because we know that platforms like YouTube and others take large commissions (often over 50%), while with us, this option will be completely free. What you get is only yours, because we do not have any commission for donations.



A FAQ is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers on a particular topic.

We want to show the world all the positive aspects of this new industry. Enable people to develop themselves and their own business. In a digital world that offers limitless possibilities, there is room for everyone. There are many giant companies that have not yet implemented this technology on their platforms. It’s only a matter of time before they do. We want to contribute to this new industry, and force large companies to implement blockchain technology in their regular business. We want to bring this technology closer to people and teach people not to look at everything through price and market capitalization. Price is just the current state, but technology is always there, and it is evolving more and more every day. We are just at the beginning and it is never too late to join.
In the beginning, registration will be possible only through the invite code, and later it will be open for everyone. We want to eliminate bots, as a global network we want to register people from all parts of the world, which we will explain in more detail on our blog. Read the news on the blog, there we will publish and invite the first 500 people to try out the platform and most importantly - start earning :)
As we have already mentioned, we want to start with quality content and in the beginning we want to prevent spam, creating fake pages, profiles and more. Therefore, in the beginning, for example, features such as creating business pages, groups, advertising, etc. will be able to use admins, verified users, and those who get permission. Later, all the features will be available to everyone, as we build a healthy foundation!
In order to provide all these features; to be user-friendly, as well as to be within some legal frameworks and norms, the application has to be in this form. So, we separated the Web2/Web3 features. Currently, there is no project that can provide all these features in a decentralized way, because it is practically impossible. The token utility, staking, and all other features will be completely decentralized, and you do not have to be a user of the App, to use them.

For example, if you want to use a staking or nft marketplace, you interact with a smart contract, and you do not have to be registered or verified. That is why we have the right to be called a decentralized organization (DAO), because the core features are always decentralized.

We have created a cohesion of web2 and web3, where they are independent of each other, but it offers web2 users some additional benefits if they use it.

If you are a project owner and want to organize an IDO on our platform, then fill out the form on our official website. If you want to participate and invest in projects that will be on Launchpad, then there will be several ways:

-Community contest


-Metus Membership Club

You can find more about the conditions and more details soon on our blog.
As an autonomous decentralized organization, all important decisions about the project will be made by the community.

-Selecting projects on Launchpad

-Metus Treasury and how it will work

-Strategy and marketing